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the Essence of METRONET

Date: 22-Jun-2017

Event Details

METRONET is the WA State Government's new brand name for all public rail transport initiatives and projects. But how telling is that name, particularly its ‘Metro’ bit, for the future vision of railway in Perth?

This presentation will illustrate examples of high-performance city railways, map out common characteristics of Metro initiatives in Sydney and Melbourne and discuss the suitability of Perth for a metro-style railway.

The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with a surprise guest, exploring how much Metro is in METRONET.


About the Speaker

Dr Frank Heibel - Metro Railway Consultancy Director

‘Doc Frank’ is a prominent strategic consultant and thought leader for metro railways, holding long-term advisory roles for several government railways across Australia. He lives for sharing his vast knowledge and pointed views in easily understandable terms and loves a good bit of entertainment in his presentations to make the audience think and laugh.