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RTSA WA Chapter - Geosynthetics in Railways

Date: 15-Mar-2018

Event Details

 During this presentation recent advances in the application of geosynthetics to solve engineering and maintenance problems specific to the rail sector will be discussed.

Specific geosynthetic solutions for “mud pumping” or “mud holes” will be discussed and international research and case studies on long term performance of these solutions will be provided. 

The presentation will also address recent developments in the use of geogrids and geocells in the prevention of ballast breakdown and reduction of capping layer depths. It will showcase the use of a wireless device – “SmartRock” embedded in a ballast layer to monitor ballast particle translation and rotation under cyclic loading. 

SpectraRailTM Software is a tool which provides Engineers a way of evaluating design options and optimizing railway systems using Tensar® Geogrids. It allows users to evaluate and compare designs for both unstabilized and mechanically stabilized rail trackbeds with a comprehensive cost analysis for each alternative. 

All of the above rail solutions will be supported by data from international research, case studies highlighting 20+ years of maintenance free service. Life cycle cost savings made possible with use of geosynthetics in rail applications supported by recent Life Cycle Cost Analysis undertaken by an international cost engineering practice will also be discussed.


Greg Farrell has been involved in the development of the Australian Geosynthetic Industry from the early pioneering days to where it is today. He represents and has been with Geofabrics for more than 30 years.

For years, Greg has worked closely with the rail industry to assist them with developing the many geosynthetic solutions they currently employ. Greg was also instrumental in the development of the Tracktex Anti-Pumping Geocomposite which is now manufactured in Australia.