RTSA awards

2014 Ravi Ravitharan

Annual Individual Award 2014

The recipient of the 2014 RTSA Individual Award is Mr. Ravi Ravitharan in recognition of the outstanding contribution that he has made to the Australian and international rail industry since the 1980s and the successful efforts that he has made to grow the business of the Institute of Railway Technology whose Director he has been since 2009.

With a Bachelor of Science in Engineering First Class Honours, in 1989 Mr. Ravitharan joined the then BHP Research Laboratories which later became the Institute of Railway Technology. By the year 2000, he had risen to the position of Business Manager and has led many initiatives which have been to the benefit of the Australian rail industry generally and the heavy haul mining railways in particular. He has provided successful long term consultancy services, in the areas of rail management and maintenance to the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation as well as other international ventures.

The award also recognises, in part, the significant contribution that Ravi has made to the RTSA since its establishment in 1998. His activities with the RTSA include the positions of National Treasurer, Executive Chair and Chair of the Professional Development Sub-committee. He is a Life Member of the RTSA, has a Master of Business Administration and he has written many papers and articles.

Mr Ravi Ravitharan receiving the RTSA Individual Award from Katharina Gerstmann, RTSA Executive Chair in 2014