RTSA awards

2009 David Coker and Chris Gordon

Young Railway Engineer Award Winners 2009

In 2009 the award has been made to two awardees, Mr David Coker and Mr Chris Gordon.


Mr. David Coker is a Technical Manager with the Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation and he was involved recently with the final stages of construction and commissioning of the Epping-Chatswood Rail Link. He has considerable experience as a specialist tunnel engineer acquired in Australia, Singapore and the UK. He graduated from Sydney University with a bachelor of Engineering (Civil) degree and, in his final year, he received the prize for the best honours thesis. Mr. Coker is a Chartered Professional Engineer, a Member of Engineers Australia and a Sydney Committee member of the Australasian Tunneling Society.

David Coker accepting the Young Railway Engineer Award in 2009

Mr. Chris Gordon is a Senior Signals Engineer with Coffey Rail Pty. Ltd. Melbourne. In this role, he is responsible for a variety of train operation and signaling projects, which notably have included the Regional Fast Train, the Diamond Creek Resignaling Scheme and the Vic Track Level Crossing Up-grade Project. In addition, he has compiled VicSig, the largest single database of Victoria rail related information in Australia. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a double degree in Engineering (Civil) and Science (Computer Science) and, since then, he has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Railway Signaling offered by the Central Queensland University. Mr. Gordon is a Member of Engineers Australia, a Member of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers and a Member of the RTSA.

Chris Gordon accepting the Young Railway Engineer Award in 2009