RTSA awards

2013 Dr. Iman Salehi

Post Graduate Thesis Award 2013

Thesis: Fatigue and Fracture Behaviour of Aluminothermic Welds under High Axle Load Conditions.


Dr. Iman Salehi
Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Place of Study: Swinburne University of Technology

The thesis addresses the principal of fatigue crack initiation at the collar edge of aluminothermic welds using multi-axle fatigue analysis combining a thermo-structural finite element simulation and a shear based critical path approach. Additionally, the thesis includes fracture mechanics analysis to characterise several types of welding defects which are responsible for straight breaks and horizontal split web failures in aluminothermic welds. The thesis was supported in part by the Institute of Railway Technology in Melbourne and lead to the preparation of five joint publications, including presentations at CORE2010 and the International Heavy Haul Association.


Dr. Iman Salehi receiving the Post Graduate Thesis Award in 2013 from Liam Palmer-Cannon

Runner Up

Dr. Ngoc Trung Ngo
Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Thesis: Performance of Geotextile Stabilised Fouled Ballast in Rail Tracks
Place of Study: University of Wollongong.

The thesis is concerned with the interface between ballast and geogrids when partially fouled by coal fines, and was investigated by using a discrete element analysis and laboratory work. The use of a void contaminant index is proposed to assist in track maintenance. The thesis was supported in part by the CRC for Rail Innovation and it lead to five joint publications.

Dr. Ngoc Trung Ngo receiving the Post Graduate Thesis Award in 2013 from Philip Laird