2016 Dr. Jerome Pun

Post Graduate Thesis Award 2016



2016 Post Graduate Thesis Award


Dr. Jerome Pun

 Doctor of Philosophy

Place of Study: Monash University

This thesis was developed to numerically evaluate the ratcheting performance of pearlitic rail steel grades under different service loading conditions. Utilising a systematic experimental program, the modeled ratcheting behavior was compared against in-service performance of the studied rail steels, and was found to have a reasonable correlation.This reveals that the developed approach has the capacity to numerically evaluate the performance of other pearlitic rail steels under actual wheel-rail cyclic rolling contact conditions. The results obtained in this study can provide useful information to the railway operator(s) for the development of a reliable and cost-effective maintenance strategy for a specific track.

Dr. Jerome Pun accepting the Post Graduate Thesis Award from Phillip Campbell OAM, Executive Chair of the RTSA in Melbourne, 2016.

2016 Post Graduate Thesis Award

Runner Up

Mr. Andrew George


Master of Engineering

Thesis: Theoretical and Numerical Investigation on Traction Forces for High Adhesion Locomotives

Place of Study: Central Queensland University

This thesis presents a detailed simulation methodology for calculation of locomotive traction forces, along with a theoretical and numerical investigation for a wide variety of scenarios relevant to Australian practices. High-adhesion AC-drive freight locomotives can exert 50% more traction force for a given locomotive weight in comparison to older DC-drive units. Despite this, their adoption is being delayed by a lack of understanding of the effects of (increased) locomotive traction forces on track infrastructure. This thesis presents a methodology for modelling locomotives as complex mechatronic systems so that wheel-rail forces and dynamic behaviour for locomotives under traction can be simulated in detail.

Andrew George accepting the Post Graduate Thesis Runner-Up Award from Phillip Campbell OAM, Executive Chair of the RTSA in Melbourne, 2016.