An increasing number of rail-specific courses are being offered at Universities around Australia. A list of some (but not all) courses that are available include:

Rail Operations

Capturing the knowledge and expertise of senior railway managers working in the industry, these courses are delivered as stand alone modules for managers and engineers working in the industry who are interested in pursuing a career in rail management. The course provides learners with thorough understanding of business, commercial and operational aspects of the complex and interactive railway environment and has a particular focus on safety and risk management. Learners could study a particular unit most relevant for their role in the organisation and professional development needs.

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Railway Signalling and Telecommunications

Developed and delivered by experienced rail industry professionals, the course is designed for continuing professional development of engineers working or commencing their work in the area of rail signalling. Starting with fundamentals of rail signalling principles, learners are introduced to safety and risk management in signalling, signalling layout design, life-cycle management of signalling and telecommunication systems and their integration, and operation of automatic train protection systems. The degree is an acceptable equivalent to the IRSE exam for the purpose of the Institute membership.

Rail Infrastructure

Capturing the knowledge and expertise of senior infrastructure engineers working in the Australian rail industry, the courses form a professional development program for people working or commencing their work in the railway industry. Graduates will gain skills and knowledge in a range of areas related to the design, construction, maintenance and management of railway infrastructures. The degree offers both theoretical understanding and practical applications of advance professional practice.  The course is suitable to engineers working for rail track owners, track construction or maintenance organisations and consulting companies operating anywhere in the world.

Rolling Stock Engineering Program and Courses

The Rolling Stock courses are specifically designed to meet industry needs by delivering the knowledge and experience that are difficult to gain through workplace training programs only. The courses have been developed and are delivered by industry professionals who are experts in their fields to ensure that you receive a cutting edge industry-specific education.  The courses are built on a problem-based approach to learning and focused on the technologies and challenges faced by rolling stock engineers working across all sectors of the railway industry.

Electrical Traction Engineering

Co-ordinated through the CRC for Rail Innovation, this course was developed in partnership with Industry and Academia in response to a need for more rail engineers with specialist knowledge in the area of electrical traction engineering. The Master of Engineering (Electrical Traction Networks) is a new part-time distance education program for engineers moving into or working in the specialist area of electrical traction network engineering. This course aims to accelerate the career development process and produces graduates with the capabilities to practice as valuable members in a broad range of rail organisations. Admission to this course is either through an undergraduate degree or relevant industry experience.

Industry-Run Courses/Workshops

The ARA and RISSB regularly run and participate in various courses and workshops to assist the Australasian Rail Industry in knowledge sharing.

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