RTSA Endorsed Courses

The ARA and RTSA jointly provide the following 1-day courses several times each year:

  • Insight into Rollingstock Engineering
  • Insight into Track Engineering:

For the latest course schedule, please click here.

RTSA is currently working with Engineers Australia and Engineering Education Australia (EEA) to develop additional courses.

The Monash Institute of Railway Technology (IRT) offers several short courses on rail fundamentals in: rolling stock, rail welding and track infrastructure.

The RTSA offers an course endorsement program.  Contact RTSA (via email to rtsatube@gmail.com) if you are interested in exploring options.


As of February 2020, the following additional courses are known to be available.  This listing does not mean endorsement by RTSA.


Other Industry-Run Courses / Workshops / Diplomas

The ARA and RISSB regularly run and participate in various courses and workshops to assist the Australasian Rail Industry in knowledge sharing.  For the latest course schedules, please click here or here.

Starting in 2020, the IRSE Australasian Section together with Competency Australia is offering a Graduate Diploma in Railway Signalling via distance education.

University Courses – Advanced

Rail-specific courses and degrees are offered from time to time at Universities around Australia and New Zealand.  A list of some (but not all) courses that are currently available include:

Civil Infrastructure

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) provides practical engineering and technology education; from Diplomas through to Masters Degrees.  Starting in January 2020, EIT is offering a Master of Engineering (Civil: Railway Infrastructure) via Online Delivery.

Transport for NSW has partnered with Engineers Australia to launch a Diploma of Rail Track Engineering.  This has now resulted in the University of Tasmania (Darlinghurst, NSW Campus) offering a Diploma of Engineering Infrastructure (Rail).  Graduates will have levels of knowledge of track engineering, legislation and regulation, such that they can operate under professional supervision in designing, constructing, commissioning, monitoring, maintaining and managing a section of track and have skills to communicate and interact with stakeholders in ensuring the track meets the operational performance standards of the railway business.

For the Master of Engineering (Civil Engineering), RMIT offers an elective in Rail Infrastructure (CIVE1257 at RMIT, Melbourne).  This course investigates components of railway infrastructure and the design and construction of different railway systems.  It encompasses a wide range of engineering disciplines, including civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

CQU offers a postgraduate course Introduction to Railway Engineering (ENER20001 at CQU, Rockhampton).  In this unit, you will engage in a project that offers opportunities for you to explore issues in the design, modelling and analysis of railway vehicle/ track systems.  Depending on your previous knowledge and experience, you may choose to investigate traction and braking, vehicle dynamics or structural engineering aspects.

Rolling Stock Engineering  (THIS COURSE NOT OFFERED IN 2020)

Rolling Stock courses are specifically designed to meet industry needs by delivering the knowledge and experience that are difficult to gain through workplace training programs only.  The courses are built on a problem-based approach to learning and focused on the technologies and challenges faced by rolling stock engineers working across all sectors of the railway industry.

Via Online Delivery, the University of Wollongong offers the following which are designed to provide further education for engineering graduates and professional engineers interested in pursuing a career as a rolling stock engineer involved in the design, construction, operation and maintenance sectors.

Rail Operations

The University of Sydney Business School offers a certificate in Certificate of Railway Planning and Operations. The course introduces students to the key elements of railway planning and operations.

University Courses – Undergraduate

There are currently no rail related undergraduate courses offered throughout Australia and New Zealand (as of February 2020).

The RTSA Chapters in WA, NSW and Victoria run Annual University Challenges for 3rd and 4th year students to learn about rail.  Work experience with supporting companies is awarded to winning teams.

The following rail related undergraduate scholarships are offered throughout Australia and New Zealand (as of September 2019):

  • ” The Inland Rail Scholarships” – Charles Sturt University has a scholarship agreement with the Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd which will provide financial assistance to a number of the University’s first-year students over the course of their degrees.  New scholarships valued at $5,000 per year to a maximum of $20,000 over a four-year undergraduate degree for students.  Scholarships will assist first-year regional students living in specific LGAs near the Inland Rail project alignment
  • Six undergraduate scholarships valued up to $20,000 each are being offered by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to La Trobe University students – living in specific LGAs – as part of a new Inland Rail Skills Academy.


Operations, Maintenance and Skilled Trades Training

In Australia, training courses and providers can be found at mySkills Australia


Overseas University Programs

The following rail related undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered overseas (Note: This is not a complete list nor does this list mean endorsement by RTSA):

KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden offers a Master’s Programme in Railway Engineering.  The master’s programme in Railway Engineering is among the very few programmes in the world that covers all aspects of rail engineering.  This is also offered jointly via University of Illinois Rail Transportation and Engineering Center (RailTEC) – click here for more information.

The Permanent Way Institution in the United Kingdom maintains this comprehensive list of UK rail engineering degrees.

There are also numerous rail related degrees offered in the United States (This list is still under development).