The RTSA is proud to present for your consideration the Study Tour on Railway Engineering (STORE) 2019 to the USA. The RTSA has previously conducted STORE tours several years ago, and we believe it is timely to recommence them.

Engineers Australia recently entered into a Co-operation Agreement on behalf of the RTSA with the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (AREMA).

Through this agreement, STORE 2019 has been planned to include tours of operating railways, as well as attendance at the AREMA 2019 conference in Minneapolis and the TTCI rail test facility in Colorado.

The tour has been designed to provide attendees with access to new ideas and practices leading to professional development and a boost to your organisations in Australia.

Engineers Australia has organised group rates for travel and accommodation, with the tour set up with a two week stage, and if there is sufficient interest a further week in Texas. Conference attendance in Minneapolis will be at the AREMA member rate as a result of the Co-operation Agreement.

Members are asked to review the attached brochure and ask any questions you may have. The RTSA is seeking expressions of interest by 17/05/19 at the latest. If you are interested but not yet certain you can attend, please respond as well. Non-members of RTSA can also attend, and we believe a tour party of at least 25 people for the first two weeks is needed for a viable STORE.

The RTSA is sponsoring five scholarships of $4,000 each towards the cost of STORE attendance, and scholarship applications from RTSA members will be invited soon.

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