RTAA and RTSA NSW Chapter Annual Dinner 2023

Last night (Thursday 17th August 2023) we held the joint 2023 RTSA and RTAA Annual Dinner at the Crown Hotel in Sydney, it was a fantastic evening of networking and a formal meal with over 150 attendees from across the Rail Industry in a variety of different technical backgrounds.

Jonathan Barnes (RTAA NSW Chair) spoke about the RTAA’s history and Oliver Lake (RTSA NSW Chapter Chair) spoke about why the RTSA has continued to deliver Continuing Professional Development for our rail industry and the importance of this.

It was a particularly special event for both societies as 2023 is the 25th anniversary of the RTSA and the 50th anniversary of the RTAA, many stories were shared between attendees on our long histories as societies and future plans for continued success.

Image of the RTSA NSW Chapter past and present members standing on stage at the RTSA/RTAA Annual Dinner 2023 in Sydney

Photo L-R: William Laidlaw (RTSA Life Member, NSW/ACT Chapter committee), Barry Lovat (NSW/ACT Chapter committee), John Watsford (RTSA Life Member), Andrew Mackay (NSW/ACT Chapter Treasurer), Nicole Patten (Engineers Australia Stakeholder Engagement Manager), Olivia Mirza (Engineers Australia Sydney Division President), Wilson Dai (NSW/ACT Chapter committee), Rossiel Hoban (NSW/ACT Chapter committee), Shaun Robertson (NSW/ACT Immediate Past Chair), Roy Unny (National Executive Chair), Lydia Saunders (Marketing and Comms Rep), Ravi Ravitharan (RTSA Life Member),  Oliver Lake (NSW/ACT Chapter Chair), Caroline Wilkie (CEO, Australasian Railway Association).

Photo of current and past NSW Chapter Chairs at the RTSA/RTAA NSW Annual Dinner 2023

Current and past RTSA NSW/ACT Chapter Chairs, photo L-R: Oliver Lake (2022-present NSW/ACT Chapter Chair), Shaun Robertson (2018-2021 NSW/ACT Chapter Chair), Stephen Muscat (2016-2018 NSW/ACT Chapter Chair), David Caldwell (2014-2016 NSW/ACT Chapter Chair), Bill Laidlaw (2003-2007 NSW/ACT Chapter Chair) and John Watsford (2000-2002 NSW/ACT Chapter Chair).