2023 Andrew Matthews

Individual Award 2023


Andrew Matthews is awarded the 2023 RTSA Individual Award celebrating his 40 outstanding years of engineering experience in the rail industry, both heavy and light rail. This Award acknowledges Andrew’s achievements in a wide range of projects across Australia including the Melbourne Level Crossing Removals Program and Suburban Rail Loop, Sydney Light Rail, Wellington Rapid Transit Program in NZ and the Gold Coast Light Rail Extension Project as well as overseas experience with the London Jubilee Line Extension. He was also contracted in Queensland in 2001 as a Level Crossing Safety Advisor. Andrew is presently in the role of Technical Director Rail at GHD. Andrew is a proven subject matter expert who could be trusted to provide sound, well-developed and thoroughly analysed advice from concept transport planning and development to design and implementation. Andrew is credited with mentoring junior engineers and technicians as well as presenting papers at over 20 conferences and undertaking many document and presentation reviews. He was also a member of RTSA Queensland for over 10 years. Andrew is highly respected by all his peers and is a well-deserved recipient of the 2023 RTSA Individual Award.
Read more about Andrew in this June 2023 article in create : “Award-winning engineer changing tracks”


Andrew Matthews accepting the 2023 Individual Award in Melbourne, August 2023 at CORE2023 (also pictured Roy Unny, National Executive Chair of the RTSA, Phil Ellingworth, Chief Engineer Metro Trains Melbourne and Robert Schweiger, Former National Executive Chair of the RTSA)